UHF Mid Range Reader Module with integrated Multiplexer


The UHF Mid Range Reader-Module ID ISC.MRMU102 is a single PCB Board and convinces with its great performance.

-        Read Range of up to 4 m* in combination with the UHF-Antenna ID ISC.ANT.U270/270-EU

-        3 switchable Antenna outputs and 1 integrated Antenna (also suitable for communication with near field transponder) for different kind of application

-        Configurable Output Power in the range between 50 mW and 500 mW (different Power-Modes)

-        different interfaces for flexible integration into existing application

-        Mounting holes  in each corner of  the PCB

Possible Application:

Industry 4.0, Production control, process optimization, Integration into machines, etc.



* The maximum Read Range is depending on the used antenna, the antenna cable, the used transponder and the environmental conditions.



Dimensions (W x H x D)         137 mm x 77 mm x 17 mm

Power supply                         12 V DC to 24 V DC
Power over Ethernet (only -PoE)

Power consumption                max. 7 W

Operating frequency
- Europe                                 865 MHz to 868 MHz
- FCC                                     902 MHz to 928 MHz

Output power                         50 mW to 500 mW, configurable

Antenna connection                3 x external (SMA-Female - 50 Ω)

                                              1 x integrated antenna


- PoE                                     Ethernet (PoE)

- A                                         USB (full Speed), RS232-V24

Supported Transponder          EPC Class1 Gen2
ISO 18000-6-C (optional)

Software-Protocol                   FEIG Reader Protocol

Protocol-Modes                      ISO Host Mode,
Buffered Read Mode,
Notification Mode (only -PoE)

                                              Scan Mode (only -A)

Extras                                    Temperature monitoring

Temperature range

   Operation                          –25 °C to 55 °C (12 V to 24 V)
–25 °C to 45 °C (PoE)

   Storage                             –25 °C to 85 °C

Relative humidity                    5% to 95 % (non-condensing)


Radio Regulation
   Europe                              EN 302 208
   USA                                  FCC 47 Part 15
   Canada                             RSS-210 Issue 8,
                                              RSS-GEN Issue 3
                                              RSS-102 Issue 4
   Japan                                ARIB STD-T107
Resolução Nº 506

EMC                                      EN 301 489

   Electrical Safety                EN 60950

Vibration                                 EN 60068-2-6
                                              10 Hz to 150 Hz: 0,075 mm / 1 g

Shock                                    EN 60068-2-27
Acceleration: 30 g