The handheld readers ID ISC.PRH101/102 are designed for contactless data exchange with common ISO 15693 transponders. They can be used for those applications, read ranges up to 13cm* (PRH102-B) resp. up to 20cm* (PRH101-A/-USB) are required.

Due to different interfaces the handheld readers can be integrated in existing systems easily. So they are suitable for several applications in retail, logistics and industry.

The anti-collision function allows the handheld readers identification of up to 30 transponders simultaneously.
With a switchable voltage on the antenna line a LED located in the antenna can be operated.

For programming host applications on mobile devices FEIG offers DLLs for different systems like Pocket PC, CE3.0, CE.NET, Windows-, Linux- and Java systems.


Dimensions (W x H x D)         230 mm x 100 mm x 80 mm

Weight                                   320 g (without batteries)

Housing                                  Plastic ABS

Protection class                      IP 30

Color                                      RAL 9002 / RAL 7044

Operating frequency               13.56 MHz

Transmitting power                 0.5 W ± 2 dB

Supply voltage

  - ID ISC.PRH101-A             5V DC +/- 0,2V regulated

  - ID ISC.PRH102-B             4 Mignon cells 1,2-1,5V AA

  - ID ISC.PRH101-USB        USB High Powered Interface

Current consumption              maximum 0.5 A

Power consumption                maximum 2.5 VA

Antenna                                 integrated


  - ID ISC.PRH101-A             RS232

  - ID ISC.PRH102-B             Bluetooth (Serial port profile)

  - ID ISC.PRH101-USB        USB (12 Mbit)


Address setting for


  - ID ISC.PRH101-A             Software (up to 254 addresses)

  - ID ISC.PRH102-B             Bluetooth MAC address

  - ID ISC.PRH101-USB        Device-ID of the reader



Signal generator, optical         1 LED (multicolored)

Signal generator, acoustic      buzzer

Supported transponders         ISO 15693
(ISO 18000-3 MODE 1)*

Protocol modes                      ISO Host Mode, Scan Mode


Temperature range

   Operation                              0 °C up to 50 °C

   Storage                             –20 °C up to 70 °C

Relative humidity                    5…95 % (not condensing)


      *    e.g. EM HF ISO Chips, Fujitsu HF ISO Chips, IDS Sensor Chips,
Infineon my-d, KSW Sensor Chips, NXP I-Code, STM ISO Chips,
TI Tag-it



Radio licence
   Europe                              EN 300 330

   USA                                  FCC 47 CFR Part 15

   Canada                             IC RSS-GEN, RSS-210

EMC                                      EN 301 489

   Low Voltage                      EN 60950
   Human Exposure              EN 50364
Vibration                                 EN 60068-2-6
                                              10…150 Hz: 0,075 mm / 1 g
Shock                                    EN 60068-2-27
                                             acceleration: 30 g