HF Gate Antenna

ID ISC.ANT1710/740

Technical Data



Housing                               Acrylic glass and ABS UV stabilized


Dimensions (W x H x D)       (682 x 1710 x 72) mm ± 3 mm



  Type A                             approx. 20 kg / 26 kg with packaging

  Type B                             approx. 18 kg / 24 kg with packaging


Protection class                   IP41


Color                                   Crystal clear (acrylic panel)

                                           Signal white (base)


Supply voltage                     24 V DC ± 15%

Power consumption             Typical. 32 VA

Operating frequency            13.56 MHz


Alarmfunkion          Antenna tuning                   ID ISC.DAT (Automatic)


Alarm functions     Alarm functions                   Automatic without host connection; with optical and acoustic indicator; EAS, AFI, UID/SNR


Transponder                        Transponders                      ISO15693, ISO18000-3-A Mode 1,

                                                                                      NXP I Code 1


Interfaces                            USB, Ethernet


Aisle width                             

    One-dimensional           up to 130 cm (51.1 inch)

    Tridimensional              up to 110 cm (43.3 inch)


Temperature range
  Operation                         –25 °C up to +50 °C
  Storage                            –25 °C up to +70 °C


Radio Approval
  Europe                             EN 300 330

  USA                                 FCC Part 15

  Canada                            RSS-210



Flexible IT Integration

-   Interfaces: USB, Ethernet (TCP/IP)

-   Alternative „Stand alone“-Mode

-   SDKs for Windows, Linux, Java, ...

-   Remote maintenance and diagnostics



International Approvals

-   Radio licenses according to

-      ETSI (Europe),

-      FCC (USA)

-      IC (Canada)