ISO15693 Proximity Reader Module with integrated 8 times Multiplexer


ID ISC.M02.M8-B is designed as a reader module for contactless data exchange with passive ISO 15693 transponders. It is suitable for all applications where short read ranges with only a small reader size are required, such as for integration into medical devices.

The module has an integrated antenna multiplexer for the connection of up to 8 external antennas.

The reader module also reads RSSI data for localization of identified transponders.


Dimensions (B x H x T)           87 mm x 50 mm x 14 mm


Weight                                   24 g


Connector                              5-pin multipin plug

                                              Type MTA 100 AMP


Operating frequency               13.56 MHz


Transmitting power                 200 mW  ± 1 dB


Supply voltage                        24 V DC +/- 10%


Current consumption              max. 100 mA


Power consumption                max. 2 W


Antenna connection                up to 8 external antennas (50 Ω)

                                              (Connector: U.FL-R-SMT or Multipin)


Interface                                 RS232 – Level LVTTL (3.3 V)


Supported transponders         ISO 15693
(ISO 18000-3 MODE 1)*


Protocol mode                        ISO Host Mode


EEPROM (for parameter)       1 kB (10.000 write cycles)


FLASH                                   64 kB (Firmware Update via interface possible)

Temperature range

   Operation                          –20 °C up to 70 °C

   Storage                             –40 °C up to 85 °C

Relative air humidity               5…95 % (non-condensing)


      *    For example EM HF ISO Chips, Fujitsu HF ISO Chips, IDS Sensor Chips,
Infineon my-d, KSW Sensor Chips, NXP I-Code, STM ISO Chips,
TI Tag-it



Radio approval
   Europe                              EN 300 330

   USA                                  FCC 47 CFR Part 15

   Canada                             IC RSS-GEN, RSS-210

EMC                                      EN 301 489

   Electrical safety                 EN 60950
   Human Exposure              EN 50364
Vibration                                 EN 60068-2-6
                                              10…150 Hz: 0,075 mm / 1 g
Shock                                    EN 60068-2-27
                                             Accelleration: 30 g