Power Splitter Module for connection of two antennas to one reader


The ID ISC.ANT.PS-B is a 3 dB power splitter with galvanic isolation between input and two outputs. At the operating frequency of 13.56 MHz the impedance on all inputs and outputs is calibrated to 50.

Output X2 also provides a 90° phase shifter. This can be enabled by using two jumpers. The current on output X3 can be rotated by 180° with respect to output X2.

If the device is connected to a suitable voltage source using terminal X4, the coaxial outputs can be used to power two antennas (using the Dynamic Tuning Board ID ISC.DAT-A) with DC voltage.

Both outputs are internally wired in parallel. The galvanic isolation can be enabled by using two jumpers.

The device is designed for installation indoors and outdoors. The connection cable from the reader to the Power Splitter is 3.6 m in length.